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10-Minute Mommy Rejuvenation

mommy rejuvenation

Here it is; the beginning of the holiday season.  Amazing how it just sneaks up on you.  Personally, I can’t be more excited, because I finally have a little one to try and amaze with decorations, holiday music, and the start of family traditions!  Whether the holiday season drives you to put up three Christmas trees all before December 1st or if it just drives you bonkers, I know that all the hustle and bustle is best tolerated when we make a little time for ourselves every day.  You may not be able to squeeze a spin class in on the morning of Thanksgiving or even do the community’s Turkey Trot that always sounds like a good idea but just never happens, BUT you may be able to find time to do this quick 10 minute workout in a corner of your room before even getting out of your PJ’s!  Continue reading

This Thanksgiving, Teach Your Kids To Love To Give!


One of my dear friends (lets call her Emily) was sitting at a restaurant and in comes the birthday girl.  She had just turned 90 the day before and was carrying a vase from the flea market along with hand picked flowers from her garden.  Emily couldn’t help but strike up conversation with such a lady who seemed full of joy and life as she sat at the table beside hers.  Emily soon found out this lady was meeting a friend for lunch so they both could celebrate each other’s birthday.  Bringing her friend flowers from the garden was tradition.  It’s the little things that sometimes bring a smile to our face.  As Emily was leaving, she felt a sense of happiness from meeting the birthday girl and wanted to give back by secretly buying her and the friend (who Emily never saw), their lunch.  Continue reading