Meet Fit Pea

Fit Pea is a unique program that eliminates the stress and tears found in traditional
winner/loser competitive sports, and focuses on fun, aerobic play. Whether
participants are pretending to pick apples, dangle their arms like an elephant, hop like
a frog or blast off to the moon, Fit Pea teaches children that exercise is another word
for play.

With a MS degree in Exercise and Sport Science, over twelve years in the fitness industry, and over eight years in childrenʼs fitness, Molly Markham Lipp dreamed of creating a tool that would provide all children access to physical fitness. Working as an elementary physical education teacher and seeing the need for additional youth exercise, Lipp began creating a childrenʼs fitness program that teachers and caregivers could utilize in a classroom or home setting.

In 2012 Lipp teamed up with Colleen Pringle, a fellow exercise and health enthusiast and the mother of two young boys. Pringleʼs background in public relations and shared passion for childrenʼs fitness made her a perfect partner. Together they merged with producer Dave Liberstein, who has worked with such talent as Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, La La Anthony and NBA star Carmelo Anthony, and catapulted Fit Pea into a reality. Today business partners Lipp, Pringle and Liberstein are proud
to announce that they have accomplished their goal of making fitness accessible to all children, through their “Fit Pea” childrenʼs fitness DVD.

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