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We can’t wait to turn your sweet peas into fit peas!

– Kids workout, featuring 10 “kid favorite” exercises from the Fit Pea program.

– Designed for children ages 2 and up.

– Fun kid-friendly characters encourage children to raise their heart rate, sing songs and use their imagination to travel to the moon and beyond.

– It’s short length (11 min.) makes it perfect for a daily exercise break for young children at school or home.

Get ready for a fitness adventure, as best friends “Flip”, “Hip” and an exercising vegetable named “Fit Pea” guide children through 10 interactive exercises set in outer space, the big top, and other exciting destinations, while hipster guitarist “Strings” accompanies each scene with a groovy tune. Whether kids are pretending to pick apples, swim in the sea or march like a soldier, Fit Pea teaches children that exercise is another word for play!

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