Even YOU can rock a tutu after this leg workout!

These are easy and these are quick!  The best part? It gets the job done!  You work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core in these basic leg moves.  It takes 10 minutes tops!


Round 1:

25 deep squats with legs wide and feet are in external rotation

25 little pulses (move hips up 2” and down 2” from a deep squat position)

25 seconds of holding the deep squat

25 jumps from the deep squat position

Round 2:

25 deep squats with legs and knees glued together and feet are parallel

25 little pulses

25 second deep squat hold

25 jumps from the deep squat position

Round 3:

25 deep lunges with right leg back and left leg in front.  Keep feet in same spot and just bend both knees down low at the same time and right back up.

25 deep lunge pulses

25 second deep lunge hold

25 jumps from the deep lunge position

Round 4:

(Same as above but with left leg back and right leg in front)

Round 5:

High knees.  Standing in one spot, start to jog but do so by bringing your knees up towards your chest.  Stand with good posture.  Do high knees as you count to 100.

Now….do this whole series one more time!

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