Fall in love this month with your STRONG DEFINED ARMS and SHOULDERS!

Ladies, it is time we love our upper body!  The BEST part about working out the upper body in the convenience of your own home is that you can do SIMPLE, and I mean SIMPLE exercises!!!  All you need is your own body weight, a little floor space and you are good to go.

Check out these simple upper body exercises! It takes no time at all and before you know it, you will be rocking that sleeveless dress that you plan to wear when your honey plans to wine and dine you for Valentines Day this month 

  1. Get in a plank position (knees can be on the ground if need be…no big deal, promise! You will still get lots of good work!). Do 10 regular push ups with your elbows wide.
  2. Flip on to your bottom and press hands and feet in to the floor to lift your glutes as far off the ground as you can.  Then with your fingers pointed towards your body, bend and extend the elbows for tricep dips.  Do 20.
  3. Flip on to your belly and lift arms and legs 1-2 inches off the floor, so you look like superman.  With your straight arms, make small circles with the arms by ears. Make sure you have your thumbs turned up to the ceiling and your shoulders pulled down your back.  Do 25 in each direction. 
  4. Then take your straight arms to a “Y” shape and make 25 arm circles in each direction. (again, thumbs up and shoulders down!)
  5. Then take your straight arms out to a “T” shape and make 25 arm circles in each direction. (and again, thumbs up and shoulders down!)
  6. Sit back in childs pose to stretch the back.
  7. Get back in a plank position (remember, go on your knees if you need to!) and do 10 tricep push ups.  This means that elbows bend right beside your ribs as you go down and back up.
  8. Then back on to your belly and have arms back out to the “T” shape with your thumbs up to the ceiling and shoulders pulled down the back.  Bring the arms down to the floor and lift up squeezing the shoulder blades together, then back to the floor again.  Do 25.
  9. Childs pose to stretch back.
  10. Back in to plank (on knees if you need to be!)  and do 10 diamond push ups.  This means your index fingers and thumbs are touching as you bend the elbows wide and press back up.


love your arms

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