Being that I am a Pilates instructor, one of my favorite CORE series is the Series of 5!  It targets the inner most part of our core (the transverse abdominals), the top layer of our core (the rectus abdominals…AKA the six pack muscles) and the side obliques.  It only takes a few minutes, so go ahead, add it to your routine for the month of January.  You may find you start February with some definition in that core of yours!


Series of 5:

  1. Single Knee Pull In – Laying on back, pull one knee in towards the chest as the other leg extends out to a 45 degree angle.  Lift head and shoulder blades off of floor to begin.  Then just alternate legs 20 times.
  2. Criss Cross – Place your hands behind lower part of your head, with wide elbows, and lift head and shoulder blades back off the floor.  Twist thru your torso as you bring one knee elbow to the opposite knee as the other leg extends to a 45 degree angle.  Then switch.  Do for 20.
  3. Double Knee Pull In – Pull both knees in to the chest and wrap both hands around the knees.  Lift head and shoulder blades off of the mat.  Take your legs to a 45 degree angle and your arms go straight by your ears.  Then pull the knees back in to your chest to start again.  Do 10.
  4. Straight Leg Lower and Lift- With straight legs, bring both legs to a 90 degree angle.  Lift head and shoulder blades off of the ground with hands behind head.  Lower legs down towards the ground and lift back up using the lower abdominals.  Don’t let the legs lower so low that your back arches.  Do 10.
  5. Scissors – With straight legs, grab behind one calf with both hands and let the other leg drop towards the ground.  Then switch legs.  Do 20.

And that is your Series of 5!!  Enjoy!

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