Small Amounts of Cardio Have Big Impact!

Every little bit helps, right? As a new mom and an exercise enthusiast, I have a hard time fitting in my cardio. In my previous child-less life, I would do cardio 6 days a week. Now I am lucky to get cardio in 2-3 times. Oh, how it makes me sad!  

blog_27 finalSome of you probably think I am crazy for saying that, but it is so true. However, I am now starting to take a different approach to my cardio routine. On days that I am not able to get that nice run in, I am trying to implement 10 minutes of cardio in once (if possible twice) a day right there in the living room with my baby girl smiling at me. I love writing out what my exercise plan is before I do it as it encourages me to get through the whole list.  Below you will find one of my cardio plans that gets my heart rate up and is done in no time!

10 Minutes of Cardio … and your Fit Peas can join in too!!!

  1. 25 Deep Squats.
  2. Jog in place using high knees for 50 counts.
  3. In a plank position, pull one knee in at a time like mountain climbers. Do 50.
  4. Stand up. Side to side jumps with feet glued together.  Do 30 jumps.
  5. 25 Lunges on one leg.  25 Lunges on other leg.
  6. Jog in place kicking heels towards glutes for 50 counts.
  7. 10 Jumping Jacks.
  8. In a plank, jump both feet towards one armpit. Jump back to plank.  Then jump to other armpit. Jump back to plank.  Do total of 10.
  9. Stand up and do a total of 30 front kicks, alternating legs with each kick.
  10. Finish with more deep squats.  Do 25.

– Molly

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