Finding Time For YOU!

Where did the day go? I think back to what I did during my day and it went something like this:

finding time for you

  1. Wake up and rush to the bathroom because my pelvic floor muscles are still not back to normal yet, and when I have to go, I have to go!
  2. Quickly change clothes, brush teeth, remember to brush hair and gobble down a protein bar.
  3. Wake baby up with our morning song I always sing.
  4. Change baby.
  5. Feed baby.
  6. Get baby’s diaper bag ready.
  7. Wake up husband so he can watch baby.
  8. Rush out the door to work.
  9. Teach 8 hours back to back.
  10. Rush home to watch baby so husband can get his work done.
  11. Change baby.
  12. Feed baby.
  13. Unpack diaper bag.
  14. Play with baby.
  15. Try to show my wonderful dog attention too.
  16. Get baby ready for bed with a bath.
  17. Cover her eczema skin with two different lotions.
  18. Read nighttime book to baby.
  19. Feed baby.
  20. Rock baby.
  21. Pray baby sleeps through the night.
  22. Grab something, anything, from the kitchen that is available to eat.
  23. Get everything ready for the next day to do it again.

WAIT A MINUTE! What happened to my life of two workouts a day, chatting with a girlfriend over coffee, stopping by Anthropologie to find a cute shirt to wear for an outing that weekend, and watching two episodes of Criminal Minds every night?! Well, new moms…I am determined to find a balance! And that means finding time for me!

12-11 blog

I am very much a woman who needs balance in her life. Part of that balance is finding time to exercise. I may not (yet) be able to get a 4 mile run in followed by a yoga class, but I can surely do some type of exercise everyday. All this means is that I have to start my day with set intentions! Before I go to bed, or right when I wake up, I play out in my head (visualize!) what I want my day to look like. Somewhere in that day I make sure I am able to exercise. Then, I either write a list of what I visualized or I record my intentions on my iPhone voice recorder, so that I now see or hear what I want my day to look like. Throughout the day I look at my list or listen to my recording, reminding myself of how I want my day to go. It is amazing how setting my intentions for the day helps me actually achieve my goals. Try it!

Blog 12-11-14

If you need some ideas of ways to squeeze exercise in to your busy, mom life…check out a few “easy to fit in” exercises:

  • Right when you get out of bed (and go to the bathroomJ), get in the habit of doing 10 sun salutations. Reach your arms high to the sky and then down to the ground. Step your feet back till you are in a plank. Bend elbows and bring body towards the floor. Lift your chest up, extending your back. Press with your hands and bring your glutes towards the ceiling and drop your heels down towards the ground for a down dog. Step feet back in towards your hands and roll up to standing. Start again.
  • Find 10 minutes to step outside and get fresh air with your little ones. A short walk around the block or just walking around the backyard. Just commit to moving around outside for at least 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing it will feel!
  • Every week, pick an exercise to do 10 times before you jump in the shower. For example, do 10 push ups everyday before you take a shower.

Have some good additions? Please share! I love hearing what other moms out there do to get a little bit of exercise in!

– Molly Markham Lipp

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