Monkey See, Monkey Do!

We know that it’s important to get our kids to exercise, but what’s more important is that we exercise. Starting the day with yoga, Pilates, or a fitness DVD sets the tone for the rest of my day. On the days I exercise, I eat healthier, I am more patient with my kids, I am a better wife, and somehow I feel better about myself – even more attractive.  My kids know that exercise is important to me, and so it is important to them. When they see me exercise, they want to exercise, too – Monkey See, Monkey Do!


Having trouble getting motivated? Well the same Monkey See, Monkey Do concept that works for kids, also works for adults. I recently reconnected with my high school friend Rebecca Andres on Facebook, and learned that she is now a mother of three and a Beach Body Coach, and has made great strides through physical fitness. Rebecca invited me to join a P90X3 challenge group, which I gladly accepted when I learned that I could cut my 60 minute workout to a 30 minute workout, and get the same results.

Rebecca AndresRebecca is constantly posting pictures of her dripping in sweat, even squeezing workouts in the middle of the night, one after an anniversary dinner no less! So on the days I just don’t feel like working out, the images of Rebecca encourage me to power through. Monkey See, Monkey Do!

If you are having trouble starting a physical fitness routine, look to a friend who is already passionate about exercise, and ask them to help you be accountable, or contact my friend Rebecca, she’ll definitely hold you accountable and can suggest a workout routine that is right for your fitness level. You can do this!!!!!

Send Rebecca an email:

Find Rebecca on Facebook and view her Beach Body Coach site here.


– Colleen Pringle 

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